How to Share Jazz Balance to Jazz? (Easy Method)

Learn how to share Jazz balance to Jazz Network with friends and family using Jazz services. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the simple process of transferring balance from your Jazz account to another Jazz number. Whether you want to help a loved one in need or simply want to share your extra balance, this tutorial will show you how to do it easily and quickly. Follow the instructions to start sharing your Jazz balance today!”

How to Share Jazz Balance to Jazz?

Jazz Share is a convenient, flexible and an easy service that lets users share balance with friends and families ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.500. This service ensures that you are always connected and in touch with your loved ones. Here’s a method to share Jazz balance with Jazz.


  1. Dial Jazz balance share code from your phone to access the Jazz balance share menu: *100*03XXXXX*amount# OR *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#
  2. Enter the Jazz number of the person you want to share your balance with.
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer (minimum PKR 15, maximum PKR 500).
  4. Confirm the transaction details and press “1” to complete the transfer.
  5. Transaction charges: Rs.8.60 (Incl. tax)/Transaction
  6. Maximum amount transferred per day Rs.500/-
  7. You can also use the Jazz app or website to share your balance. Additionally, a small transaction fee may apply.

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