Jazz Call Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Jazz also known as Mobilink is a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan. It offers a variety of call packages designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Jazz/Mobilik call packages are personalized to provide cost-effective and suitable solutions for both prepaid and postpaid users and ensure to stay connected with their loved ones.

Jazz Call Packages (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly):

Mobilink/Jazz offers various types of call packages for affordable and convenient voice communication, internet packages that ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity and browsing, and specialized WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook Packages designed for social media and streaming. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly plans, Jazz provides flexible and cost-effective solutions to keep you connected, entertained, and engaged with your digital world.

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages:

 Jazz prepaid call packages offer flexibility and affordability, allowing users to choose from daily, weekly, or monthly plans based on their requirements. Jazz Prepaid call packages often include:

  • Daily Call Packages: Perfect for short-time needs, these packages provide a limited number of minutes for a low cost, ideal for users who need to make urgent or infrequent calls.
  • Weekly Call Packages: Weekly call packages provide more minutes and additional benefits like SMS and data, providing to users with basic calling needs.
  • Monthly Call Packages: Designed for those users, that need extensive calling minutes along with bundled SMS and internet data. It ensures a unified communication experience throughout the whole month.

Mobilink/Jazz Daily Call Packages:

Mobilink/Jazz Weekly Call Packages:

Package NameDetailPriceCode
Bolty Jao Offer1000 On-net minutes 200 Off-net minutes 10 GB Data (Facebook & WhatsApp)Rs 86 (Incl. Tax)*190#
Weekly X100GB (50GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok) 500 Other Network Min 1000 Jazz Min & SMS Rs.50,000 Handset InsuranceRs. 504 (Incl. Tax)*7737#
Weekly Supper Plus10 GB Data 1000 Jazz Mins & SM 120 Other Network MinsRs.417 (Incl. Tax)*505#  
SOUTH BEMISAAL OFFER3GB Data Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB) 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 30 Other Network MinsRs.104 (Incl. Tax)*927#
RAABTA PLUS10 GB Data (10PM-7PM) 1000 Other Network Mins 1000 SMSRs.174 (Incl. Tax)*7678#
BEMISAAL FFER 23GB Data Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB) 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 30 Other Network MinsRs.104 (Incl. Tax)*929#
CHENAB PLUS HAFTAWAAR OFFER10 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 100 Other Network MinsRs.174 (Incl. Tax)*764#

Mobilink/Jazz Monthly Call Packages:

Package NameDetailPriceCode
MONTHLY X200GB (100GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok) 1000 Other Network Min 3000 Jazz Min & SMS Rs.100,000 Handset InsuranceRs. 1,826 (Incl. Tax)*7733#
MONTHLY SUPER DUPER10 GB Data 3000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network Mins 3000 SMSRs.1,000 (Incl. Tax)*706*2#
MONTHLY SOCIAL PLUS10 GB Data (WhatsApp, Facebook & Tamasha) 300 Jazz Mins 50 Other Network Mins 300 SMSRs.347 (Bal)*617#
MONTHLY YOUTUBE & SOCIAL OFFER15GB (YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp) 50 Other Network Mins 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMSRs.390 (Bal)*620#
MAHANA AALA OFFER80 GB​ Data 2000 All Network Mins​ 2000 SMS​Rs.1,391 (Incl. Tax)*7334#
MAHANA AALA (10PM-7PM)  80 GB Data (10PM-7PM) 2000 Other Network Mins 2000 SMSRs.1,218 (Incl. Tax)*7335#
MONTHLY FREEDOM  100 GB Data 750 Other Network Min 3000 Jazz Min & SMSRs.1,739 (Incl. Tax)*733#

Jazz Postpaid Call Packages:

Jazz postpaid call packages provide extensive minutes, data, and additional services. These packages are perfect for professional users who require uninterrupted connectivity and premium customer service:

  • Large Bundles of Minutes: Jazz Postpaid call packages normally come with high call minutes provided to callers who need reliable and consistent service.
  • Bundled Services: In addition to call minutes, these packages often include data and SMS bundles, providing a comprehensive communication solution.
  • Value-added Services: Postpaid plans may offer bonuses like discounted international calling rates, priority customer support, and exclusive offers.

Specialized Call Packages:

Jazz also offers specialized call packages custom-made to specific needs, such as:

  • Family and Friends Packages: These packages provide discounted rates for calls to selected numbers, ensuring users can stay connected with their closest contacts at a lower cost.
  • Corporate Packages: Designed for businesses, these packages offer scalable solutions with large bundles of minutes, data, and SMS to support the communication needs of organizations.

Promotional Offers:

Jazz frequently introduces promotional call packages, offering additional minutes, discounts, or bundled services for a limited time. These promotions greatly allow users to maximize their value and enjoy enhanced connectivity at cheap prices.


  • Company terms & conditions will apply.
  • All packages are referred to the Jazz official website. This can be changed at any time by the company.
  • All the above information is updated regularly. However, we disclaim any non-updated information because the company can change the package/offer anytime.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.
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