Mobilink/Jazz Internet Packages (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Jazz is a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, that offers a variety of internet packages to provide the diverse needs of its customers. Mobilink/Jazz Internet packages are designed to provide reliable and high-speed internet access for both prepaid and postpaid users. It ensures seamless connectivity for internet browsing, video streaming, and online communication.

Mobilink/Jazz Internet Packages (Daily-Weekly-Monthly):

Mobilink/Jazz offers various types of call packages for voice communication, internet packages to ensure reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, browsing, and specialized WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube packages designed for sharing posts, pictures, and videos on social media. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly plans, Jazz provides flexible and cost-effective solutions to keep you connected, entertained, and engaged with your digital world

Mobilink/Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Currently, there is no Jazz daily internet package offered to users. However, Jazz’s 3-day Internet package is perfect for users who need internet access for a short time. These Internet packages offer specific data for a low cost, making them ideal for quick browsing sessions, checking emails, or social media updates. The options often included:

  • Basic Daily Package: It contains a small data bundle suitable for light browsing and messaging.
  • Premium Daily Package: It contains a larger data bundle for users who need more extensive internet use, such as streaming videos or downloading content.
Package NameDetailPriceSubscription Code
3 DAY-MAX OFFER  1 GB ​DATA 10 Other Networks Min 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 Jazz Sms  Rs.69 (Incl. Tax)*631#

Mobilink/Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

Mobilink/Jazz weekly internet packages provide a balance between cost and data. These packages offer more data than daily plans and are perfect for consistent internet use throughout the week. Options include:

  • Standard Weekly Package: A moderate data bundle for regular browsing, social media, and light streaming.
  • Heavy Weekly Package: A larger data allowance for users who engage in more data-intensive activities like video streaming and online gaming.
Package NameDetailPriceCode
Bolty Jao Offer1000 On-net minutes 200 Off-net minutes 10 GB Data (Facebook & WhatsApp)Rs 86 (Incl. Tax)*190#
Weekly X100GB (50GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok) 500 Other Network Min 1000 Jazz Min & SMS Rs.50,000 Handset InsuranceRs. 504 (Incl. Tax)*7737#
Weekly Supper Plus10 GB Data 1000 Jazz Mins & SM 120 Other Network MinsRs.417 (Incl. Tax)*505#  
SOUTH BEMISAAL OFFER3GB Data Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB) 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 30 Other Network MinsRs.104 (Incl. Tax)*927#
RAABTA PLUS10 GB Data (10PM-7PM) 1000 Other Network Mins 1000 SMSRs.174 (Incl. Tax)*7678#
BEMISAAL FFER 23GB Data Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB) 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 30 Other Network MinsRs.104 (Incl. Tax)*929#
CHENAB PLUS HAFTAWAAR OFFER10 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 1000 SMS 100 Other Network MinsRs.174 (Incl. Tax)*764#

Mobilink/Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:

Jazz monthly internet packages are designed for heavy users who require continuous and high-volume internet access. These packages offer substantial data allowances, ensuring users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month. Options include:

  • Basic Monthly Package: A significant data bundle for regular internet activities, including browsing, social media, and streaming.
  • Premium Monthly Package: An extensive data allowance for users with high data demands, such as heavy streaming, downloading, and gaming.
Package NameDetailPriceCode
MONTHLY X200GB (100GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok) 1000 Other Network Min 3000 Jazz Min & SMS Rs.100,000 Handset InsuranceRs. 1,826 (Incl. Tax)*7733#
MONTHLY SUPER DUPER10 GB Data 3000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network Mins 3000 SMSRs.1,000 (Incl. Tax)*706*2#
MONTHLY SOCIAL PLUS10 GB Data (WhatsApp, Facebook & Tamasha) 300 Jazz Mins 50 Other Network Mins 300 SMSRs.347 (Bal)*617#
MONTHLY YOUTUBE & SOCIAL OFFER15GB (YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp) 50 Other Network Mins 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMSRs.390 (Bal)*620#
MAHANA AALA OFFER80 GB​ Data 2000 All Network Mins​ 2000 SMS​Rs.1,391 (Incl. Tax)*7334#
MAHANA AALA (10PM-7PM)  80 GB Data (10PM-7PM) 2000 Other Network Mins 2000 SMSRs.1,218 (Incl. Tax)*7335#
MONTHLY FREEDOM  100 GB Data 750 Other Network Min 3000 Jazz Min & SMSRs.1,739 (Incl. Tax)*733#

With its range of daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages, Jazz ensures that every user can find a plan that fits their data needs and budget, providing flexible and affordable options for staying connected.


  • Company terms & conditions will apply.
  • All packages are referred to the Jazz official website. This can be changed at any time by the company.
  • All the above information is updated regularly.
  • We disclaim any non-updated information because the company can change the package/offer anytime.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.
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