Mobilink/JAZZ SIM PUK Code Unlock

PUK is an abbreviation for Personal Unblocking Key. Your Jazz/Mobilink SIM PUK/PIN Code can be locked, if you have enabled the PIN code option. Your Mobilink SIM PUK code will temporarily be locked if you attempted the wrong code three times or more than. Therefore, you may disable the PIN code option on your SIM Card. Unfortunately, if your Mobilink/Jazz SIM PUK code is locked and asking for putting a PUK code. More, you have also lost your SIM card PUK code. There is no software in the market to generate a PUK code, therefore following methods can use to unlock your Mobilink/Jazz SIM PUK code. 

Mobilink/Jazz SIM PUK Code Unlock:


  • Enter PUK Code 99999999 and press ok.
  • Now enter PIN Code 0000 and press ok.
  • Enter again PIN Code 0000 and press ok.


  • Call to the Jazz helpline number i.e. 111and request for the PUK/PIN Codes of your SIM.
  • The SIM must be registered in your name and biometrically verified. or 
  • Visit Mobilink, Jazz Customers Services Center and discuss the problem.

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  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.