Telenor Facebook Packages (Weekly, Monthly)

Telenor Facebook packages Weekly and Monthly are designed to keep users connected with Facebook friends. The Telenor weekly Facebook package offers a generous data specifically for Facebook, making it perfect for users who want to stay engaged with friends, family, and the latest updates for a full week. Easily activated with a simple subscription code, this package ensures that you can browse, post, and interact seamlessly. For those looking for extended connectivity, the Telenor monthly Facebook package provides ample data for an entire month of uninterrupted Facebook use.

These packages are ideal for avid social media users who want to enjoy all Facebook features, including video streaming and live updates, without worrying about running out of data. Both packages are designed for optimal convenience and affordability, with quick activation through a straightforward subscription code. Stay social and connected with Telenor’s dedicated Facebook packages, available in both weekly and monthly options.

Telenor Facebook Packages (Weekly, Monthly):

Telenor offers specialized Facebook packages tailored to meet the posting, messaging, streaming needs of its users, available in both weekly and monthly durations. The Telenor weekly Facebook package is perfect for those who require sufficient data for a week, at an affordable rate, activated via a simple subscription code. For those who prefer longer-term convenience, the Telenor monthly Facebook package offers an extensive data allowance dedicated to its subscribers, ensuring uninterrupted posting, video streaming throughout the month.

Telenor offers various types of WhatsApp packages for messaging, call packages for voice communication, internet packages to ensure reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, browsing, and specialized, Facebook, and YouTube packages designed for sharing posts, pictures, and videos. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly plans, Telenor provides flexible and cost-effective solutions to keep you connected, entertained, and engaged with your digital world.

Telenor WhatsApp Weekly Package:

Package Name: Weekly Social Pack

  • Internet 5000MB (Facebook & WhatsApp)
  • Validity 7 Days
  • Rs. 113/-
  • Dial *345*53#

Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Package:

Package Name: Monthly Social Pack Plus

  • Facebook & WhatsApp 3,000 MB:
  • SMS 1000
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Rs. 85 incl. tax
  • Dial *660#

Package Name: Monthly Social Pack:

  • Facebook & WhatsApp 2500 MB
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Rs. 80 incl. tax
  • Dial *911#

Package Name: Monthly Social Extream:

  • Facebook & WhatsApp 8,000 MB
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Rs. 150 incl. tax
  • Dial *345*61#


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