How to Unlock Warid SIM PUK Code?


In this post, we will describe how to unlock Warid SIM PUK code? Warid Telecom is a popular network offering better services to its customers. If you have done some wrong or irregular attempts with your Warid SIM then the PUK Code of your SIM would be locked. It is a temporary locked and will ask for entering the SIM PUK code. The following method can use to get the PUK Code of your Warid SIM. Your SIM must be registered with your CNIC. 

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What is the PIN Code?

PIN Code stand for Personal Identification Number is a numeric/alpha-numeric passcode that is used to authenticate a user to access any system, like, phone or device.

What is the PUK Code?

PUK Code stands for Personal Unblocking Key that used in mobile devices to reset or unlock your phone or device.

Unlock Warid SIM PUK Code:


A SIM Card Jacket is provided at the time of purchasing a new Warid SIM from the franchise or customer shop, the PUK/PIN codes are printed on the backside of the sim card jacket. So you may find out your sim card jacket and enter the PUK/PIN code correctly to unlock your sim.


In this method, you can send SMS from other Warid numbers to unlock the Warid SIM PUK code. Just follow the below method.

  • Write an SMS in the below formate.
  • PUK<space>NUMBER<space>CNIC NUMBER (Without dashes)
  • Send this SMS at 321. 


In case, if your problem is not solved with the above methods then you may call at Warid Helpline (321) and asks for PUK code.

At the last, you may go to the Warid Customers Center to retrieve your Warid SIM PUK code. Just buy a new Warid SIM of the same number.

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