Ufone SIM PUK Code Unlock

Here, you will find how to unlock your Ufone SIM PUK Code? If you have activated a PUK code confirmation on your SIM and you will do wrong attempts more than three times, then you will be getting locked your SIM for using. After getting lock your Ufone SIM PUK code you can unlock it by using the following methods. This article guide you, how to get PUK/PIN codes for your Ufone SIM to unlock its PUK and PIN codes.

How to Get the Ufone SIM PUK Code?

  • Dial *336#
  • Choose My Profile
  • Select PUK Code
  • Your Ufone SIM PUK Code number will appear on your mobile screen and you may save this code for future use.
  • This method can use if your SIM is working.

 Ufone SIM PUK Code Unlock by Using a SIM Jacket:

The Ufone SIM Jacket is provided when you get or purchase a new Ufone SIM Card from the Ufone customer service center or retailer. PUK is available on that SIM Jacket and you should keep it at a safe place. Whenever your SIM PUK Code is blocked then you can use this PIN/PUK Code to unblock it again.

Ufone SIM PUK Code Unlock by Call:

  • Call to Ufone help center 333 from another number and discuss your problem
  • Call from Landline number at 033-111-333-100

Ufone SIM PUK Code Unlock by visiting Ufone Customer Service Center:

If you have tried both the above ways then you may go to the Ufone franchise/customer Service Center and purchase a new SIM of that number.

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  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.
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