Ufone Self Care Account (Check Ufone Call History 2023)

Ufone Self Care Account is designed to let you manage all your Ufone Accounts and Mobile Connections with a single registered account. Find here complete detail for Registration/Login the Ufone users. It is a free and secure service that gives full control to the Ufone subscribers of the Ufone SIM account.

Through this service, you can access the following features of your Ufone number. It allows the subscribers to Log-in with their Ufone number or email ID with a connected password and login key.

Always register with a verified registered CNIC to the Ufone Self Care Account. This allows you to proceed with your registration process and input an Authentication Code sent to your email address for confirmation of your registration.

Now interact with all your Ufone Mobile Connections using a single registered account. Use the same set of credentials in the Ufone mobile app or on the website for complete control.

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Ufone Self Care Registration:

You are required to register on the My Ufone Account from the below link. This allows you to proceed with your registration process and input an Authentication Code sent to your Ufone number for confirmation of your registration.

  • Click the below link. You will be directed to the Ufone ECare Account Page.
  • Enter your full name.
  • Enter your Ufone mobile number, e.g. 033xxxxxxxx.
  • Write your valid email address.
  • Write your correct CNIC or Passport number.
  • Choose the user name.
  • Type your password twice.
  • Click on continue and follow all instructions. 

Ufone Self Care Account Registration Link

How to Login to Ufone Self Care Account?

Click on the below link, here you will find two options for login, 

Full access is used to get access to all features for your multiple Ufone numbers.

Individual access is used to get access to all services for the Ufone number.

  • Enter the email ID, User Name, or Mobile Number, e.g. 03xxxxxxxxx.
  • Write your password.
  • Click on Login.

Ufone ECare Account Login

My Ufone App Download:

Download the app to enjoy a wide range of Ufone eCare services, like checking your Ufone Call History, Requesting your Ufone Tax Certificate, and so much more!

My Ufone App on the Android platform offers a fresh new look and a better user experience. Now use your favorite features with extra convenience and at greater ease. Get your hands on the newest App version to experience it all on your personal device.

My Ufone Account Features:

The following are the great features of My Ufone Account.

  • Create a UPaisa account and pay via UPaisa to purchase Super Card, pay the bill, or Recharge.
  • Pay Bill for a Postpaid number or Recharge your Prepaid number using a Credit or Debit card.
  • Purchase Super Card, Super Card Mini, and Super Card Plus
  • Subscribe to the awesome Internet, SMS, Voice Bundles, and Add Ons.
  • Check your current balance and expiry for the Prepaid number or your monthly limit for the Postpaid number.
  • Change the Access level and Credit Limit of your Postpaid number.
  • Check your subscribed bundles and remaining resources against each bundle.
  • Check subscribed VAS / Add Ons, and change the status for selected ones.
  • Email Duplicate Bill or Tax Certificate to your registered Email.
  • Change your package for Prepaid or Postpaid Numbers.
  • Check Ufone Call, SMS, and Internet usage history online.
  • Get a Duplicate SIM or shift to Ufone Network.
  • Guest access for quick SIM purchase and booking with discounts.
  • Activate or deactivate your number.
  • Get notified of new and latest offers by Ufone.
  • Check International Roaming rates.
  • The language selection between English and Urdu.
  • Locate Ufone Franchise, Business Centers, and Self-Service Booths.
  • Check Ufone’s 3G and 4G Network Coverage.
  • Associate your friends and family’s mobile numbers to perform all activities for them.
  • Live Chat – Get 24/7 assistance from a Ufone customer representative.
  • Submit a complaint, Request a Callback, or give your valuable feedback.


  • The above information is updated regularly and referred to the Ufone official site.
  • We disclaim any non-updated information because the company can change the information at any time.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.
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