How to Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code?

Telenor SIM PUK Code Unlock

Telenor is the second-largest mobile network provider company in Pakistan. Millions of subscribers use Telenor services. Each mobile SIM has its PUK (Personal Unlock Key) code. Sometimes, Telenor SIM PUK code activates which will ask for PUK and PIN code each time, when you ON the mobile phone. This makes a disturbance for a user. To avoid this appalling you can deactivate your SIM PUK Code in your mobile setting. Three methods are used to unlock your Telenor SIM PUK code, i.e. by dialing USSD string *710#, by sending SMS to 346, or using a SIM Card Jacket. 

In case, if you entered the wrong PUK code to your SIM three times. It will lock temporarily and your SIM will not work till you have entered a correct PUK code. So, how to get the Telenor SIM PUK code to unlock and activate your SIM again for calling.

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What are PIN/PUK Codes?

  • PIN code is the abbreviation of “Personal Identification Number” is a 4 digits password already integrated on your SIM card. If you have enabled the feature of PIN code on your device, then you will need to put this 4-digits code every time while switching on your phone.
  • PUK code is the abbreviation of “Personal Unblocking Key”. It is an 8-digit password of your SIM card. It is used to unlock your SIM when it has been blocked due to entering more than three times the wrong attempts of the PIN code.

Telenor SIM PUK Code Unlock:


This method can use when your SIM is in inactive mode. Get your SIM PUK code and keep it safe and can be used at the time if you need it.

  • Dial USSD string *710# from your active Telenor. You will see the PUK/PIN code informational menu.
  • Reply with 1 for PUK and PIN code information.
  • Enter your Telenor number whose PUK code has blocked and press the send button.
  • You will receive an SMS containing the PUK code.
  • Enter your PUK and PIN codes according to the instructions.


In this method, you can unlock your Telenor SIM PUK code via SMS. In case, if your Telenor SIM has been blocked. You have also lost your SIM Card Jacket and you have not kept it safe before then you can use this method to unlock your Telenor SIM PUK Code.  Simply you can send SMS from another Telenor number using the below syntax code. You will get PUK and PIN codes within 1 to 10 minutes.

  • Go in to write a message.
  • Write the code “PUK  Blocked SIM Number” e.g. PUK 034xxxxxxx
  • Sent this message to 346.

You will receive a message from the Telenor Service Center with the information that the required codes for 034xxxxxxxx are PUK: xxxxxxxx, PIN: xxxx. After entering a PUK code, kindly enter your PIN code twice to unlock your Telenor SIM.

Enter your PUK and PIN codes according to the instruction received from the help center.


In this method, you can unlock your Telenor SIM using a SIM Card Jacket. A SIM Jacket will be provided from the customer center at the time of purchasing a new SIM Card. PIN and PUK codes have written on it. You should keep it safe. If your SIM PUK Code will block, then you could use this PIN/PUK Code to unblock it.

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