PTCL Internet Packages / Broadband Packages 2023


PTCL Internet Packages - PTCL Broadband Packages

PTCL Internet Packages provides rapid download and upload for demanding Internet applications across Pakistan. Whether you use broadband for video, online gaming, or data processing. PTCL Broadband Packages provides up to 100 Mbps speed and unlimited data at a higher level of performance. 

PTCL provides GPON fiber optic connectivity in the selected area. Call the PTCL helpline or confirm from PTCL local office for detail.

PTCL Broadband service is available in more than 2000 cities and towns across the country. The high-speed broadband price rate is now more affordable than ever before. Customers seem better experience when streaming or downloading movies, TV shows, music files, and access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet

You can access free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, and educational and religious content exclusively through PTCL broadband services.

Wi-Fi modem included on all new connections and also you can replace the old one.

With countrywide coverage & connectivity, PTCL Broadband Packages in Pakistan gives families the capability to enjoy seamless browsing, downloading, and streaming.

PTCL Internet Packages/Broadband Packages Monthly:

Package Name Monthly Price  Internet Volume Freedom Unlimited
Up to 6 Mbps Rs. 1,750 Unlimited Free 
Up to 8 Mbps Rs. 2,150 Unlimited Free
Up to 15 Mbps Rs. 2,650 Unlimited Free
Up to 25 Mbps Rs. 3,200 Unlimited Free
Up to 50 Mbps Rs. 5,000 Unlimited Free
Up to 100 Mbps Rs. 7,500 Unlimited Free

PTCL Voice Packages Monthly:

PTCL Internet package prices have given in the above table.

Package Name Freedom Unlimited U Freedom Freedom Plus
Up to 6 Mbps Free  Rs. 150 Rs. 399
Up to 8 Mbps Free Rs. 150 Rs. 399
Up to 15 Mbps Free Rs. 150 Rs. 399
Up to 25 Mbps Free Rs. 150 Rs. 399
Up to 50 Mbps Free Rs. 150 Rs. 399
Up to 100 Mbps Free Rs. 150 Rs. 399

PTCL ADDONs Packages Monthly:

Broadband packages and voice packages have given above.

Package Name Smart TV Smart TV App Smart Link App VAS Bundle
Up to 6 Mbps Rs. 525 Free  Free  Free 
Up to 8 Mbps Free  Free  Free  Free 
Up to 15 Mbps Free  Free  Free  Free 
Up to 25 Mbps Free  Free  Free  Free 
Up to 50 Mbps Free  Free  Free  Free 
Up to 100 Mbps Free  Free  Free  Free 

Installation Charges:

  • Installation charges of a new internet connection (over existing Landline) Rs. 2,499 inclusive of Tax.
  • Installation charges of a new Double Play (Landline+Internet) or Triple Play (Landline + Internet + Smart TV) Rs. 5,000 inclusive of Tax.
  • New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection installation charges is upfront PKR. 15,000/-. GPON is available in selected areas. Visit PTCL’s local office for details.
  • Conversion charges for Existing Copper connection to GPON upfront are PKR. 7,500/-

How can I Get PTCL Intenet Connection?

  • To get a PTCL Internet connection please call 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL Office.
  • Freedom Unlimited default package unless another package is selected


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