How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock if Forgotten

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock if Forgotten

Have you forgotten the unlock pattern of your Android phone? And you cannot access your smartphone. Do not panic. we show you a step by step guide regarding how to unlock android phone pattern lock if forgotten?. You will regain full control of your mobile with a new password.

How to unlock android phone pattern lock if forgotten?

Security is one of the key points for your Android smartphone. Since it must be robust enough to prevent anyone from guessing. But what if for some reason you forget the unlock pattern and cannot access your own mobile?

Are you have personalized data on your phone,

Every time we have more sensitive data on the smartphone. like bank data, photos, access to email accounts, social networks, and a long list of private data that exposed your digital identity. Therefore, security in Android phones has improved so much in recent years.

For this reason, security measures to access the system have been improved. With each new version of Android, from the simple 4-digit PIN that came in the first versions of Android, to pass to alphanumeric passwords, lock pattern, or Biometric methods such as fingerprint detection, facial identification that incorporated in the latest security.

Can someone unlock my stolen phone?

It is the more recent the Android version, the more it will difficult to remove the unlocked security pattern. So, if you are trying to reset access to an updated android phone. We fear that it will not be easy for you. If you have any previous version, there is still hope.

Can I unlock my phone with Google account?

If you faced with a problem such as forgotten the password or the unlock pattern. There is a method that will allow you to reset the phone access. But you can only reset your mobile data if you are using your own Google account. In this way, it is guaranteed that only you can gain access to your data. It prevents anyone from accessing your data in case of theft or loss of your mobile. 

Do you really want to unlock someone’s mobile lock?

Remember that you can never get access to the data. If you try to unlock a phone that you have found in the street. Simply, if you are not the real owner of the phone, you will not be able to remove the unlock pattern without losing data. However, you can reset it. 

Let’s I have been forgotten the  Pattern PIN of my mobile. And I don’t know what is its pattern code. Now I will try to reset it in a while. So read the below steps carefully to reset your smartphone.

  • Step-1: Off your mobile phone.
  • Step-2: Press and hold (Home + Power + Volume up) buttons. 
  • Step-3: Now your smartphone will go to recovery mode. It will show a list of the different recovery modes.
  • Step-4: You can move Up and Down with the volume keys.
  • Step-5: Choose and select the Wipe data/factory reset mode from the list.
  • Step-6: Now press the power button. 
  • Step-7: Choose Yes from the volume down key and press the power button.
  • Step-8: It will ask you for the Reboot system now.
  • Step-9: Press Ok again with the Power button.
  • Step-10: Your smartphone will start resetting.


Now your mobile has been reset and you will see no pattern on the screen. So, if this is helpful for you. 


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